Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waiting for God- Impatient Patience

Tim is officially off of CRM status as of last Sunday. He was called to a very part time call at Lamb of God Lutheran in Pleasant Prairie, WI, as an assistant pastor. However, it's still not as we want it to be as wonderful as this call is. We would love it if he got a full time call to a wonderfully Confessional church out there. Not just for money, not just for daily bread, but because it's who he is. He is a pastor. After he comes home from Wal-Mart, he's exhausted, downtrodden, and is easily put into a bad mood. After he comes home from preaching, he's upbeat, happy, and content. It's hard to deal with the frustration we feel from having been in this situation for over three years.

Don't get me wrong. I can see God's hand working while we have been going through this. It has brought us closer as a couple, it has shown us that the fear that many pastors have, of losing their call, is something that that can be worked through. It has helped us deal with our disorders in a completely different way that ultimately has allowed us to better control and help better understand anxiety and depression.

However, I find myself asking, "How long, oh Lord? How long shall we wait?" I want to put down roots, start a family, and feel like I belong somewhere instead of being a transient, wandering here and there and not having any direction like I feel that I do now. I know that will happen when Tim gets a call again. But, how long shall we wait for it and how long should we wait? That's the begging question today.