Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Didn't Check It All Off, But That's OK

So the day did not exactly go as expected. The leak in the sink got *really* bad and I had to to the apartment office to ask for it to be fixed. That took over an hour of my time. The good news is that it is fixed and that we have a sink that works, sorta. The sink part is fixed but there is a leak somewhere else that I found, now. Well, I'll call the office again tomorrow and let them know that it's still making a bit of a mess on the bottom of my cabinet.

I did manage to get some housework done, make dinner, and even crochet a bit. I am running out of places to apply to quick and am now just browsing Monster, Career Builder, and Jobing. I am hoping that something will come up soon. I made a soup from scratch today that would make most restaurants jealous, or maybe that's just me! I thought it was good, anyhow, and I'll see what Tim thinks of it when he gets home from work.

I did go to the Divine Service today and that is always a good thing. That's the best daily bread that I can ask for. I have a job interview tomorrow for a part time position, and we'll see if I get it. I hope I do. Something is better than nothing. Today I prayed for God to give me my daily bread, and He did. I will be provided for because God promised it.