Monday, July 27, 2009

Checklist Complete and Then Some!

I started off with a fairly full checklist today. I didn't want to take any medicine and I wanted my day to be full to help with that. My goal was to make a crock pot roast, some homemade bread, clean up the kitchen, living room, and dining room from the disaster that was this weekend of going down to Chicago and generally trying to make the apartment presentable. I also wanted to ride my bike and crochet as a reward.

Well, the day started off as planned. I made bread and waited for it to rise, bake, and generally be edible. The roast went into the crock pot and boy did it taste all yummy when it was finally done. Tim helped with the dishes so they went by faster and so when I was cleaning from the breadmaking and the dinner making, and the dishes that just get made through the course of the day, it wasn't overwhelming. However, doing all those dishes made me realize that the sink was still leaking, so I had to go down and tell my landlords again. It was a rusted out garbage disposal. So, they replaced it and it is so quiet! I love it!

When I was finally done with enough that I could ride my bike, it poured rain. So much for that idea! When the rain finally stopped, it was getting dark so I knew that I wasn't going to ride today anyhow. After finishing all of the stuff on the checklist, I decided to do some extra chores, so I ran the vacuum sweeper and cleaned up one of the bird play stands. I trimmed Daffy's wings after she flew into the kitchen a half a dozen times today. She snuck into the pop can box and hid in there for a while. She decided she wanted some butt roast and jumped on the crock pot (I am so thankful that she didn't burn herself!!) She flew to the sink for some water and almost fell into the dish water and then flew in a couple of times and then turned back around the moment I yelled at her, so I figured it was time for her to get her wings cut. Now she'll have to walk and I doubt she can climb up smooth wood cabinets to get where she wants to go. Maybe she'll realize that she's a bird again! Oh! I almost forgot! She also went onto the counter top where I kneaded the dough to try to eat the bread. I guess she didn't care that it wasn't cooked. She's the only bird who is that stubborn in our flock. She's also been with me the longest. Wonder where she got that stubborn streak from. ;)

Now I think it's time to rest up, put on a good movie, crochet a bit, and relax. I have done everything I planned and more. God provided my daily bread today in a wonderful way- through my own hands making that bread. What a wonderful gift!