Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday!

I am not sure what that means, anymore though. Before it meant that I had two days off and I could relax, but I have been able to "relax" more since I don't have a job. I have been able to get some things done that have needed to get done for a while. Today I'd like to tackle the bird cages and give them a thorough cleaning. Tim really wants to go for a bike ride, and that sounds fun to me, so I am game! I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast using bisquick. I'll have to write that recipe down so that when I start to make my own bisquick mix, I'll be able to make it again.

God will provide my daily bread, of this I am sure. I may not know how, but He will provide it today. Even if it is in the form of cinnamon rolls and soup that seems to be lasting forever! :)