Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just Being Cute

My little fiddies will never cease to amaze me. When Cinnamon was brought into our flock, she didn't want to be handled by people or taken care of by any other bird. She actually chose me to be her mommy and wanted to be preened and cuddled by me first. She still was a little green monster to Tim for a while, though. Then, she started to warm up to everyone. Becuase of the other little green monster in our flock, the cockatiels are very fearful of her. However, Peaches, the sun conure, befriended Maple the quaker, and has decided she likes quakers. Now, Peaches and Cinnamon spend lots of time together. They preen each other and generally cuddle with each other. I don't think I have seen Cinnamon so happy. Now, I just wish she would stop plucking so much. We're working on that, too. Cinnamon does make the kissing noise. She tries to say good, bird, and quaker, which usually comes out "quake". Maple, on the other hand, has started quite a vocabulary. However, he is still more aggressive than Cinnamon, which is why Peaches spends more time with Cinnamon than Maple right now. And we thought playground politics were bad!