Sunday, February 21, 2010

Something Old, Something New (for me!)

So I have been getting my fingers into many different things lately. It is borne from trying my best to work to wean myself off of my stronger medication as well as to find things to do that isn't staring at the TV or computer screen blankly for hours at a time. I have been researching my genealogy and have found ancestors that date back to 1774 in Ireland. I am currently working on learning more about the German side of my family and how the Lutheran line was passed down. I hope I find something about that soon. It has been neat to discover things about my family and link them to historical events that I learned about in school. I think my Irish ancestors were part of the immigration to the Americas because of the Potato Famine. I haven't quite learned the reasons why the German side came to the States, but I am sure I will discover it eventually.

This research helps me feel like I am not so alone. I have all this family, some of which I never knew about, who did things like leave home across the ocean never to return again, and I complain that I am a twelve hour drive away! They managed to forge their way in frontier land and I complain that I have to live in a city where everything is established. It's kinda neat to think about and humbling to realise how much easier I have it than they did, and they survived.

To top it all off, I realize that I take communion with many of these ancestors of mine each Sunday when with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven we partake of the heavenly Feast of the Lamb. That's just awesome- the great grandparents I never met stand with me at the Table. God is just cool like that!