Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What You Allow is What You Teach

I saw this quote on the desk of a daycare director. It's a good quote. It really speaks to what priorities are when it comes to putting beliefs into action. So, I wonder how this stacks up in our Synod.

Allowing pastors to be removed from their calls for unScriptural reasons. What this teaches: Pastors are mere employees who can be hired and fired depending on the mood of the congregation and her officers.

Allowing contemporary worship styles. What this teaches: It's not the doctrine that matters; it's all about the feelings. Faith is based on how I feel towards God and not on what God does for me.

Allowing Issues, Etc. to be cancelled. What this teaches: The LCMS is not focused on the things of God but the things of man (read: we're not interested in Christ being our focus but money!)

This list could go on, but I won't let it. I'll let you help me out and add you own instead.