Monday, August 3, 2009

A Break from Blogging, No Break from Life

Things have gone a little crazy since I last blogged. It has been a hard couple of days. I am getting used to getting up at two thirty/ three o' clock in the morning and I seem to be more awake at that time than I am at eight at night. I do feel like I am always a step behind on my sleep, though, and going to and from Chicago hasn't helped at all. Yesterday I never really did sleep all night. I took a couple of two hour naps instead. That just didn't work for me and today I had to sleep most of the day just to "catch up".

Things have been tough since we lost Peanut. I keep expecting him to run out of the bird room, chasing Snowball, singing, or wanting to be chased. I came home from work the day after all that happened and cried my eyes out for a while. The rest of the flock has been my constant companion since that happened. While the keets have been looking for Peanut, they are also starting to spend more time around the people part of their flock. Buster's toe is on the road to recovery and I think he will be fine.

However, each day that I make it through, each day that I have my daily bread from God, I am reminded that God is ultimately in control and that He will provide for me.