Monday, April 6, 2009

This Just In...

As I have been looking over my blog lately, I started thinking about the number of posts that I seem to have made about myself. Granted, this is my blog, so that makes sense. However, this got me thinking about whether or not I have made me an idol in my writing. I should hope I haven't, but the sinful flesh always has ulterior motives, including hoping that I increase those who read my blog and make myself popular. So, for that, I should be in repentance and realize I am at God's mercy. However, though my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, this isn't a bad thing because my baptism washed me in Jesus' blood and God sees Christ when He looks at me. At God's mercy means I am forgiven and saved!

However, this did make me think further. I do not search out of guilt but out of curiousity. Can a disorder be an idol? Lots of times we think about an idol being something that we believe in that will save us. Be it money or a false god, the idol we have gives us something that we would otherwise lack. But a disorder? It's a burden, a cross, a hardship. It's hardly desirable and can do nothing but bring torment and harshness. But, if it is at the center of one's being, if it is at the center of everything that a person does, if it is at the core of how a person defines themselves, could it then be an idol?

An interesting thought. I would love feedback (and not just to increase readers! ;))