Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Bit of Life

A new mother was recently found guilty of placing her newborn in a microwave and cooking him to death. The average person finds this appalling! A cute and sweet little baby had his life snuffed out by a horrid and awful death at the hands of his own mother. The mother could get the death penalty in her sentencing. She has been demonized as a terrible wicked woman who would put her own child to death by such a gruesome and heartless way.

However, those who cut a baby's head open and suck out its brains with a vacuum sweeper seem to be heroes of civil rights. Those who participate in these murders are paid for offering their services of death that is not much more humane than putting an infant in the microwave. The difference? One is being cared for outside of the womb, the other is being cared for inside of the womb. It is amazing that one death can be considered heinous enough for the death penalty and one considered medical care.

While looking online for religious art to complete my "What is a Lutheran" bulletin board at work, I stumbled upon a site ran by RCC monks. What I didn't know was that they were pro-life monks who saw to the burial of the murdered unborn and worked to educate the public on what the unborn look like when aborted the way medical science has accepted as reasonable. I won't post any links on here. All you have to do is google aborted fetus on images if you feel so inclined. Tiny hands and feet are evident. There is a head, eyes, nose, mouth- even facial expressions!

If a one month old infant has all this and the infant's murder means the death penalty for those responsible, why is the baby in the womb any different?