Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Can We Go See Jesus?"

My little three year olds can really surprise me from time to time- and I am not talking about the random puke eruption that causes me to move faster than the speed of light! I mean those good surprises that you can tell other people about and they go all gushy inside. I had one of those days about a week ago. The kids were rowdy and really needed to go outside and get some energy out. I think they were too excited to notice the church sanctuary that we passed by to go play with the parachute outside. But, when we came back, it was a whole different story. My co-teacher and I were having a seriously hard time getting them to go back downstairs to the daycare center. They were looking at the church, interested in what was in there. Finally, one of my little ones asked, "Ms. Tina, can we go see Jesus?" The Martha side of my brain rushed- if we did this, we might be late getting back from lunch. The Mary side of me won. We walked very respectfully to the front of the church and sat down in the first two rows. Some of the children fidgeted, but most had their eyes focused on the cross. They asked questions about why Jesus had to die. I shared with them the Gospel. "Ms. Tina, can we say 'Our Father'?" another little one chimed. They might have stumbled over the words, but we prayed the Lord's Prayer there. Another one picked up a hymnal after that. "Can we sing?" she asked. We sang Jesus loves me. I checked my watch- we did need to go eat. I told the children it was time to go. Eagerly they asked if they could come up the next day to see Jesus. I pray that as I go through life I have the same wisdom of those children.