Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I Have Come to Appreciate

It has been a hard first three years of marriage for Tim and I. There were times when we weren't sure if we were going to financially make it. There were times where the tension could be cut with a knife in the Schellenbach household. Some of it was our fault, some of it happened to us. Regardless, I am content.

I am content with who I married. Tim is a wonderful man with a good Christian heart. He is loving, supportive, and wants to do what is best for me no matter what the cost to him. He has worked to understand me and grown to love the parts about me that I don't like. He is patient with me through my anxiety and works to help me through it whenever he can. Honey, I couldn't ask for anyone better and I look forward to growing old with you!

I appreciate all that God has given me. He has helped me understand the value of money and what it important. For a shop-a-holic, it was a great lesson to learn. I learned to enjoy the little things that I could work for and appreciate more deeply than if I bought it flippantly and didn't invest time in it. Something as simple as a new purse or watch is something that brings me so much happiness because I know that I worked hard and earned it well.

I have learned that there is a life outside of TV and movies. There are birds to play with (lots at my house!) who are well worth the time spent. God blessed me with these birds so that when my husband isn't home, I am never alone. They sing to me, take care of me, and keep me company. Daffy, a bird I have had for eight years now, even licks the tears off my face when I cry and Cinnamon won't leave my side when I am sick even to take care of herself. If it wasn't for how my life was turned completely upside down three years ago, I might not have never known these things.

There is so much to be appreciative about in my life that I can't list it all without filling up the entire internet bandwith! The summary of it all can be: Thanks be to God to all the blessings He has given me!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Perception and the Eight Commandment

~~~~~~~Warning: Rant Mode ON ~~~~~~~~

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the connection between perception and the Eighth Commandment. I can't help but think that if Christians would view things in a more Christ-like manner, we would save lots of heartache and trouble. I get so flustered when I hear things that could easily be explained away putting the best construction on a situation or simply asking the person who upset you what was going on. I can't stand it when tempers and anger take control of a situation instead of rational thought and understanding. Too many people nowadays look only to themselves and how they are victimized by other and how they can use that to get the best of every situation no matter what the cost is to anyone else. I have seen this done in churches, in the workplace, in charities, in the government, and business places. It would make the world a much better place if we stopped for one second in a situation that upsets us and think about it for a while. Perhaps there is a good explanation just waiting to be explored. Perhaps forgiveness is better than anger.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when things are wrong and situations have to be handled to the end that the wrong is righted, but not every time. The fact is, we can't always have our own way and hurting anyone and everyone who gets in our way on our path to self-gratification is simply wrong.

~~~~~~~~~~Rant mode: off~~~~~~~~~~~

Return to your regularly scheduled blogging now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Writer's Block

I have been looking at my blog from time to time, wondering what I should write here. Should I do something serious or something funny? And every time I start, I decide I don't like what I have and erase the whole thing only to start again. It's been frustrating. However, I guess that means there's a bit of good news in that.

My anxiety seems to be under control for the moment. There have been no anxiety outbursts, no panic attacks, no sleepless nights from worry. I can't say that life is stress free, but it certainly isn't out of control, either. I thank God for that. It's nice to have an up time to stop and smell the roses (and then have the good ole allergies kick in!)

My parents are going to come and see me at the beginning of July. I am looking forward to that immensely! I haven't really got to see them since Sept. of '06. Sure, I saw them for my younger brother's wedding and the Wheeler family reunion, but I didn't really get to spend any time with them. I have already asked for time off and plan on spending every waking minute possible with them. It's gunna be awesome!

So, I guess my writer's block is solved by saying "all's well!" in dcepegasus land. That's a pretty good place to be!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Awesome Book Headed to Publication

For a while now, I Trust When Dark My Road has been on my blog links. Well, awesomely enough, the title of that blog has now also become a title for a book, set to be published this July. It is well worth your time and you get a free copy! Ordering information is available on the blog website. Check it out!